Travel Tips

Airport Fashion: What to Wear


Keep things simple and easily removable!

  1. Wear comfortable jeans or leggings. No one wants to have to unbutton their pants on an airplane because their pants are too tight and causing discomfort. The last thing you want to do is pass gas in such tight quarters.
  2. Avoid chunky jewelry. Getting through airport security will be a mission, not to mention how uncomfortable and annoying all your “bling” will be when its jingling throughout the flight and disturbing your fellow passengers.
  3. Wear appropriate shoes. Stilettos and knee high boots are a no-no. Not only will it take you forever to walk to security, but also to get through. I recommend wearing easy slip on shoes, like flats, espadrilles or even sandals, depending on your destination.
  4. Bring the right size bag. Most airlines allow a small bag,  such as a purse, free of charge. Take advantage of this and make sure to bring a decent size bag that allows you to fit any important essentials. If you’re checking a bag its smart to bring a spare change of clothes, including under garments. I also personally suggest including any valuables, like a laptop, expensive shoes or handbags, jewelry and your make up. Mistakes happen and luggage could get lost throughout your journey, especially if you have any connecting flights.
  5. Prepare for temperature changes. Bring a light jacket on the plane with you. Planes can get rather cold. On the other hand, sometimes you may sit on the plane or runway before take off with minimal A/C. So, don’t bundle up too much either. If you need a heavier coat for when you land in your destination, then bring it as part of your carry-on and place it in the overhead bin. Find a happy medium, to prevent yourself from having to strip down.

Don’t forget…what better way to begin your flight than with a cocktail at 30,000 feet up? Its 5 o’clock somewhere right? So sip on a glass of champagne–pinky up, if you must!


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